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Puja Greh Lambi Batti 100G

Puja Greh Lambi Batti (Cotton Wicks) use for Diyas in Puja. Used for lighting lamp in the temple with oil for Puja religious ceremony. Long

Batti Pack is slow-burning and strong and lasts long. It is a wonderful item for lighting and decoration during festivals/celebrations to brighten up your house. Puja Greh Lambi Batti is made of pure cotton material and comes in white color. Long Cotton Wicks is perfect as Jyot Batti for Puja, Prayer, and lighting lamp. These easy to use ready-made cotton wicks can be used anytime year around. We provide good quality diya bati and it's made by pure unbleached cotton and the shape of our wick is round and suitable to use in any type of diya.

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