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Shan Aaloo Bhaji Curry Mix 50G

Shan Aaloo Bhaji Curry Mix is as traditional and real as it gets. Aaloo Bhaji is an authentic, comforting potato curry that boasts a gorgeously thick mouthfeel containing a nice balance of bright, zesty, aromatic flavors. Crafting this signature dish requires the perfect mix of ingredients. So this Aaloo Bhaji Curry Mix by Shan is great for making delicious potato curry.

The Shan Aaloo bhaji curry mix is a great way to make authentic potato curry quickly and with minimal preparation. Decades of experience in the market of South Asian cuisine have result in this Aaloo bhaji curry mix. It is a fine blend of spices, mango, and nutmeg that may be used to create a dish that is both delectable and visually pleasing. So the Shan curry mix is the seal for freshness and contains no artificial food colors. While primarily meant for cooking spicy potato curry, the Shan aaloo bhaji curry mix may also be use to make chickpea curry.

Aloo Bhaji, fragrant Indian-spiced potatoes are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Serve them with your favorite Indian dishes or top them with a fried egg for a simple vegetarian meal. The beauty of Aaloo Bhaji is that it's quick to make and very tasty. So popular it is, that Aloo bhaji is served on roadside Dhaba as it's also very cheap to make and filling.

Health benefits of eating potatoes:

Potato is probably the most loved vegetable. It goes very well with every other vegetable and is found in almost every kitchen across the globe. So, it is one of the most consumed crops in the world.

Recipe - Spicy potato curry:

Ingredients required: potato 1kg peeled sliced, tomatoes 125g, green chili x 3, coriander chopped, shan aaloo bhaji one packet.


1. In 4-5 glasses of water add potatoes, tomatoes, and shan aaloo bhaji mix, boil on medium heat until potatoes tender.

2. Stir occasionally. Add green chilies and coriander, stir and mash a few potatoes to thicken sauce, heat, and serve.