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Shan Fried Fish 50G

Tangy fish in a spicy, thick, and delicious masala that adds a kick to your seafood cravings. Prepare from fresh ingredients, Shan Fried Fish masala is a must-have. Fried fish is any fish or shellfish that has been prepare by frying. Often, the fish is cover in butter, egg, and breadcrumbs, flour, or herbs and spices before being a cook and can serve, often with a slice of lemon. Fish can fry in many parts of the world. So, fried fish is an important food in many cuisines.

There are many types of fish, all with different nutrition profiles. In general, they are divided into two categories: lean and fatty. Both are consider nutritious and a great source of high-quality protein, but fatty fish are thought to be especially important for health. This is because they contain some important nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. But currently, around 40% of people have low levels of vitamin D. But, this has been linking to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and some autoimmune diseases. The best way to get vitamin D is through sun exposure. However, fatty fish is one of the few food sources of vitamin D and can contribute a good amount.

Grilling and broiling fish can produce some harmful compounds. To minimize them, cook fish for the shortest time possible, avoid charring the flesh, and add a marinade.

Fried Fish Recipe:

For an appetizing treat of delicious, exotic, and divine Fish for all the fish lovers out there.


Shan Fried Fish Mix 1 Packet, Garlic Paste 1-2 tbsp, Fish (sliced) 1 kg, Oil 2 – 3 tbsp.


1. Mix garlic paste, Shan Fried Fish mix, and 1 tbsp oil. Apply on the fish. Set aside for 2-3 hours.

2. Fry fish in hot oil until lightly golden.

3. Enjoy tasty Fried Fish with Shan Chaat Masala and lime juice.