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Shan Jelly Crystals Strawberry 80G

Shan Jelly Crystals Strawberry is the quick easy to make a dessert you need to fulfill the sweet craving. Strawberry is your savior to make traditional dessert at home within minutes for a perfect dessert experience. This pack of jelly crystals contains sugar, edible gum, potassium citrate, fumaric acid, carrageenan as well as permitted flavors and preservatives. The smooth textured strawberry jelly that you will get can be cut into cubes and used in various desserts. Perfect for cooling off on a hot day, this mouthwatering treat delivers the classic refreshingly sweet strawberry taste you know and love. Jelly facilitates digestion and intestinal transit due to its high water content. Gelatin increases peristaltic movements in the intestinal muscles, and this helps to improve the digestive process and absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as excretion.

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