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Shan Kat A Kat Curry Spice Mix 50G

Shan Kat A Kat Curry Mix has a perfect blend of rich and aromatic spices which brings you the exotic taste of authentic Kat a Kat.

Steps of Cooking:

1. Put kidney, heart, chops, and ginger garlic with shan kat A kat masala along with ½ cup water.

2. Cover to cook for 5-10 at the lower flame.

3. Now add oil/clarified butter onion, curd, tomato, green coriander and chilies also add brain.

4. Fry for 10 mins stirring spoon.

5. Serve with hot naan or chapatis.

6. Tips For Best Results: Add 2-3 tbsp vinegar in hot water, use fresh organs.

This easy-to-prepare Shan Kat a Kat Curry Mix is great for stir-fried chops, brain, heart, and kidneys. Simply follow the recipe provided on the back of the box for a delicious Brain Masala meal that your whole family will enjoy! Serve with naans or chapati.

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