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Shan Kunna Spice Mix 50G

Shan Kunna Spice Mix helps you recreate the ethnic flavor of Chiniot which is one of a kind divine and velvety traditional Curry. Shan Kunna Spice Mix is a mixture of some other spices. You can add it to your curry and get more spicy. In the Punjabi language, an earthen pot is called 'Kun-na' or 'Mat-ka'. That's why this curry is also as Matka gosht (gosht means meat). But, the technique is slow, underground cooking. You put all ingredients in a kunna pot and place the seal pot in the soil. Then lit a bonfire on the soil above the pot.

The name Kunna means clay pot in Punjabi. Originated from the Chiniot district in the state of Punjab Pakistan; Kunna is a heavy meat dish that is prepare with several spices and tender mutton. So, the dish is serve with hot naan and is enjoying heartily throughout the subcontinent.

Kunna in Punjabi means round-based clay pot. Traditionally Kunna Gosht is cooking in a huge clay pot using the slow cooking method like Nihari. The clay pot in which the mutton curry is cooked brings out an earthy scent and texture. Since Kunna is a purely mutton dish, the ideal cut for it is the hindquarter (goat leg meat). So, Kunna Gosht is authentically cooking with very few masalas.

Recipe using Kunna/Matka Gosht Masala:


Mutton meat/trotters 1 kg (large), Onion 1 (medium, finely sliced), Garlic paste 2 tbsp, Flour 2-3 tbsp, Oil/clarified butter 1-1/2 cup/250 gm, Shan Kunna Spice 1 packet.


1. Heat oil and add onion, garlic, meat, and shan kunna spice fry for a while.

2. Add 1 glass water cover lid and put weight on cover or use a pressure cooker.

3. Cook on a lower flame for 6-8 hours or till meat tenders.

4. Dissolve flour in one bowl and add it into curry and cover.

5. Then shake the cooking pot so that flour mix well.

6. Cook further at low flame for 30 minutes.

7. Serve with lassi and naan.