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Shan Paya Curry 50G

Shan Paya Curry mix has a perfect blend of rich and aromatic spices to help you rejoice in the authentic traditional taste of Paya Curry. Paya is a traditional food from the Indian Subcontinent. It is served at various festivals and gatherings, or made for special guests. Paaya means 'legs' in Hindi. Shan Paya Curry mix is the main ingredient of the dish, other ingredients are trotters (or hoof of a cow, goat, buffalo or sheep); cooked with various spices. Paya is good for bones, their cartilage and the tissues covering them are storehouses of vitamins and other nutrients, including iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Paya could help, the scientific record suggests, protect joints, may stem osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation and even help sleep. You can cook this recipe for a dinner party and serve as a main dish. Eat it with naan or roti or you can even serve with rice.

Payasoup is serve for breakfast, it served as part of lavish meals on festive occasions, and it is also served to stave off fever and cold and keep your body warm during the cold weather. Payasoup is make extensively during winter months because of the wonders it can do for your immune system. Mutton Payasoup is consider as an amazing remedy. Because, it cures fever, cough and hands and limb pain as well. So, it is an extremely refreshing and nutritious dish to be had during the monsoon season.

Recipe using Shan Paya Mix:

Ingredients Required:

Paya Masala - 1 Packet; Hooves - 1½ kg; Ginger Paste - 2 tbsp; Onion - ½ medium finely sliced; Oil - 1 cup; Yogurt 2 – 3 tbsp; Garlic paste  - 2 to 3 tbsp

Cooking Method:

1. Add 1 tablespoon garlic paste and hooves in 15 cups of hot water and boil for 10 minutes. Then drain the water.

2. In 12 cups of boiling water add hooves, half sliced onion, ginger, and garlic paste. Cover and cook on low heat until the hooves are tender (goat/lamb 3-4 hours, cow 6-8 hours).

3. And separately heat oil/ghee and fry the remaining onion until golden. Add Shan Paya Mix and yogurt. Stir fry for few minutes and pour in the Paya Curry.

4. Cover and simmer on low heat for 30-45 minutes.

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