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Shan Vegetable Curry Mix 100G

Shan Vegetable Curry Mix helps you prepare delicious vegetable curry for your everyday meal. Mixed vegetables refer to ready to use a combination of cut vegetables. The vegetables may be chopped, sliced, or cubed. So the typical vegetables include in the mixed vegetables are cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, french beans, and peas. Several different dishes are called mixed vegetables. Because they all consist primarily of different kinds of vegetables cut into pieces and mixed together, then either serve as raw or else cooked. When you prepare recipes that include a variety of types of vegetables, you receive the nutritional benefits of each. So, the base preparation of it is highly nutritious, and adding vegetables to it can help in giving you a more balanced diet. Because curry powder can be prepare from many different combinations of spices.


Help prevent and fight cancer - Eating curry powder regularly has the potential to combat cancer cells. Support digestive health - Curry powder promotes digestive health, largely because it contains turmeric and ginger. Improve heart health - Blood pressure is an important factor in heart health. 

Recipe for spicy vegetable curry:

Ingredients required: single/mixed veg 500g, onions 2, tomatoes 200g, ghee 85g, shan veg mix 2-3tbsp


1. In hot ghee fry onions for few mins, add tomatoes, and fry for few mins.

2. Add vegetables, Shan Vegetable Curry Mix, and fry for few mins.

3. stir and add desired water, cook on low heat till tender and cooked.

Variations of mixed vegetable curry:

1. If you are making this mixed vegetable curry for a special meal, then you can pour 4 tbsps coconut milk or cream towards the end. This will give a creamy and rich taste.

2. You have to saute the veggies and cook them all in one pan. However, for a restaurant smoky flavor, you can grill the veggies and simmer in the gravy for 3 mins.