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Telugu Chat Masala 80G

Telugu Chaat Masala is a spice powder mix or masala, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. It is generously used for sprinkling in all chaat dishes like aloo chaat, Dahi puri, bhel, etc. Telugu Chaat masala powder will add a tinge of tanginess to all the chaat dishes. A pinch of chaat masala powder with some lemon drops adds a zesty taste to fruit dishes and vegetable salads. Chaat Masala has a very distinct and easily recognizable taste. It has a complex blend of tart, spicy, salty, tangy, and sour with a hint of sweetness. If prepared healthily by making a mindful usage of all the ingredients, papdi chaat can offer several health benefits and be a healthy snack option. One of the benefits it can offer is due to the presence of protein in it.