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Telugu Tamarind Paste 300g

Telugu Tamarind Paste is a clean paste of Tamarind pulp without impurities. Telugu Tamarind paste is the common ingredient in Asian and Middle Eastern cooking to give a slightly sour flavor to dishes. It is also a key ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, contributing to its sharp tang. Enjoy the tanginess of tamarind fruit, thanks to this awesome tamarind paste. You can use it for pickles, flavoring curries, and other dishes, etc. Besides beverages also contain tamarind paste in them. 

Tamarind Paste has a wide range of health benefits, including ample vitamin C, because of which it can reduce fevers and high acidity that acts as a coolant and is useful to help regulate body temperatures in the hot climates where it is grown. This paste is a good source of antioxidants that can protect different organs of the body. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients necessary for good health. It contains a good amount of magnesium.

Tamarind paste is easy to use straight from the container. A couple of tablespoons of Tamarind paste could bring a sour quality to a sweet side dish like chutney. Tamarind rice is a well-known South Indian tangy, spicy rice preparation. The well-known roadside snack panipuri makes use of loads of imli so as to get the authentic taste of its pani. The most well-known use of this is making sambar-a delicacy made in most Indian households almost daily.

Preparing tamarind paste is quite simple because homemade paste has the added advantage of keeping it for several months in the refrigerator. One of the simplest ways to extract the pulp of this fruit is by soaking it.

Never store tamarind paste in plastic containers always use glass jars. If using glass jars with plastic lids, make sure the paste doesn't touch the lids.

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