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Vandevi Hing 100G

Vandevi Hing consists of edible gum, wheat flour, asafoetida as ingredients and does not have any artificial colors adding. It is best to store this product in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight for longer usage. This spice is a mix of many ingredients for it to be edible. Vandevi Hing is using in many Indian cooking dishes for a spicy type of taste and to keep vegetables fresh when cooked. For culinary uses of hing powder, it's recommend to incorporate it into hot oil or another source of fat to help reduce its sulfurous flavor and smell. 

Asafoetida, also spell as asafetida, also as hing spice, popular as a spice in India and Iran, where it is using to flavor curries, meatballs, and pickles. Acrid in taste, it emits a strong onion-like odor because of its organic sulfur compounds. It is commonly sold in powdered form. It is said to enhance umami flavors in savory foods. Hing is also use in traditional medicine.


Hing may help lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. However, research is very inadequate and has only been study in animals.

Animal and test-tube studies have shown a potential for hing spice to help stop the growth and spread of certain cancer cells, including breast and liver cancer. Several animal studies have find that hing may help to protect against memory loss and nerve damage in the brain.

Mice studies have shown hing to have a relaxing effect on airway smooth muscles, which is important in the treatment of asthma. While promising, this effect hasn’t been proven in humans. When using in small amounts for cooking, hing spice is likely safe for most individuals. However, due to a lack of research, hing spice may not be safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or when consume in large doses.

Hing being rich in fiber aids in digestion. It provides relief from stomach problems. Due to its anti-microbial properties, it prevents the growth of flora in the intestines and reduces the chance of stomach infection. It also reduces headache.

Hing helps increase the supply of oxygen to facial tissues that gives your skin a radiant glow. Mix asafoetida with water or rose water to form a paste; you can add some sandalwood powder too. Apply this on your face regularly to get effective results. Asafoetida can do wonders for dry and frizzy hair; thanks to its moisturising properties. Make a hair mask using yogurt, almond oil and hing and apply on your hair. Leave it for an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water.