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Wagh Bakri Tea 2Lb

Wagh Bakri Tea is a blend cut between Leaf and Dust. It gives a strong taste, bright color, and more cuppage. The choicest teas from India's premium tea gardens. Wagh Bakri is a special international blend. Strong and tasteful. A very Distinct offering for lovers of fine tea. Wagh Bakri Chai is our all-time favorite. No other tea can give their taste, color, and richness. With very limited quantity it gives a super taste as well as a wonderful color. Indulge in this rich blend of Indian full-bodied tea to get the true flavors of authentic tea in every sip you have. It is a blend of high-grown quality tea with real spices and has no artificial flavors. Wagh Bakri Leaf Tea is a flavored tea made with the choicest ingredients and hygienically packed to retain the freshness and rich aroma of the tea.

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