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Across the globe in the Southern states of India such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Telangana, Ugadi festival is celebrated as the New Year annually according to the Hindu calendar. This year Ugadi festival is celebrated on March 22nd 2023. Ugadi is a must celebration as it is considered the most auspicious day for people who celebrate it across few parts of the southern region. 


One of the most delicious and important must Ugadi recipe during the festival is the Ugadi Pachadi. The Ugadi pachadi is a tasty and balanced mix of 6 different flavours such as salty, sour, spicy, sweet, bitter and astringent. The 6 flavours signify the 6 emotions of life which we all live in with namely sadness, happiness, anger, joy, surprise and disgust.

Ugadi Festival Specials | Ugadi Pachadi | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me

In addition to the Ugadi pachadi, other snacks and sweets are also prepared as we invite and offer the dishes to our relatives and family acquaintances. 


Nimmakaya pulihora or lemon rice is one of the popular and mostly cooked dish during the Ugadi festival in the Southern parts of India. Lemon pulihora is a flavourful, tangy and crunchy dish which is easy and instant to prepare. Fried nuts, aromatic herbs and spices along with the fresh lemon juice added to the steamed rice makes the rice dish delicious.

Ugadi Festival Specials | Lemon Rice | Tangy Lemon Rice | South Asian Groceries Online


Daddojanam or spicy curd rice is a must in the festival special dishes preparation on auspicious days. Cooked rice is blended with curd or yogurt and tempered with spices and herbs.

Ugadi Festival Specials | Daddojanam | Curd Rice | Tempered Curd Rice | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me


One more popular sweet dish which is a pudding like sweet that is cooked with suji or semolina or rava along with the cashew nuts, sugar, raisins, saffron in ghee. The sweet dish melts in mouth and can be instantly made in no time. 

Ugadi Festival Specials | Rava Kesari | Suji Rava Semolina Sweet | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant