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Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me


Globally and internationally this year 2023 women's day is celebrated on march 8th. March 8th is celebrated as an appreciation to all the wonderful and unique women in our lives. Every son, daughter, father, and brother is thankful for all the women in their daily life reminiscing how lucky they are to be taken care of them, brought up and be loved every day. Women's day is majorly celebrated to be thankful for the women around you for having their presence in your life since women make your life easier. Let's have a closer look what all the unique gifting ideas we have to make your beautiful women happier! 


Handmade gifts are one of the best ideas for gifting and are never out of fashion. Handmade gifts always show how much love and effort you have put into making your women smile. You can craft a scrapbook penning down how you feel about them and use different photographs stuck in them.

Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Handmade Scrapbook and Cards | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me

You can also make self-crafted wishing cards writing down how much you love her and how much she means to u for existing in your life.


Flowers are women's best friends and women feel lightened upon smelling the beautiful flowers. Pen down a special lovely note and curate her favourite flowers and prepare a beautiful bouquet of them. Watch them smile when you gift this surprising flower bouquet on her special day.

Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Flower Bouquets | South Asian Groceries Online


We all know that most women love plants and especially indoor potted plants. Gifting a plant that grows on a daily basis when watered, in the same way, a women's love grows when you respect her feelings and treat her with love. So potted plants are a way to portray your exponential love towards them. 

Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Potted Mini Interior Plants | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me


There are no women in this world who wouldn't love jewellery or a diamond ring to be presented as a gift. Be it a diamond bracelet or ring or jewellery set, a diamond makes a women look classy and elegant when it's the only accessory worn during her special occasion. 

Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Jewellery | Diamond Ring | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant


Most women love to have makeup organizers as gifts on special days. Makeup organizers help them assort and organize their makeup essentials to have quick access when needed. Gifting a makeup organizer to your woman lits up a smile and makes her day memorable.

Womens Day Gifting Ideas | Makeup Organizer | Canadian Grocery Store