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You Are What You Eat - Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant

The phrase “You are what you eat” is popularly used to compare food intake to how healthy our body stays. “You are what you eat”  means in order to stay fit and healthy, we need to take good food in our daily diet. 

For instance, if we take some sort of energetic vegetable juice in the morning, our body metabolism works good and we tend to stay active the whole day. Likewise, if we have salad during mealtime or for breakfast, the whole day we stay active and energetic.

The food you have on your plate decides on healthy glowing fabulous skin. Whatever you eat becomes an inner part of your body which in turn helps in the robustness, metabolism and outer skin glow. 

The healthier the foods your intake daily, the more fitness, and healthy your body maintains and the better your skin looks. If your regular diet misses certain foods, it can often result in some serious skin issues. Suddenly one fine day, you may break out your skin for acne and your facial skin might get dry. 

Always having a balanced diet including enough water content daily, is the best way to get your skin healthy with good food. Any food that keeps digestion normal and required enzymes or live bacteria live, helps in healthy-glowing/looking skin.


You Are What You Eat - Berries | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me


Blackberries along with  strawberries,  plums and  blueberries are abundant and rich in antioxidants which aid in keeping your skin healthy. 


You Are What You Eat - Leafy Vegetables | South Asian Groceries Online


All the leafy vegetables are high in protein and help in staying fit and healthy. Including leafy vegetables in your regular diet also affects the outer skin's look. 


You Are What You Eat - Vegetables | Beans | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

Vegetables and legumes like beans are rich in antioxidant capacity (black, pinto, red beans), prunes, and pecans are a major source of healthy-looking skin too.


You Are What You Eat - Walnuts | Canadian Grocery Store

Walnuts,  flax seeds, canola oil and salmon fish contain essential fatty acids which give a glow to your skin and keep radiating that healthy vibes.

You Are What You Eat - Salmon | Canadian Grocery Store Online