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consumed directly as a snack, tastes good as a rice side dish .


1/2 kg-Chinese okra
4-Green chilies
1 bunch-Coriander leaves
2 cups-Gram flour
Salt-To taste
1 tsp-Red chili powder
1 cup-Oil


  1. Clean and chop Chinese okra, onion and green chilies into tiny pieces.
  2.  Finely chop coriander leaves.
  3.  Now add required salt to Chinese okra and mix it well. Leave it for 15 min.
  4.  After 15 min squeeze away the water from Chinese okra.
  5.  Now add onion, green chili slices and finely chopped coriander leaves to Chinese okra and mix it.
  6.  Now add some Gram flour, little salt, red chili powder to the fryum mix. Don't use any water.
  7.  Heat oil in a pan. Make tiny balls or desired shape of batter and deep fry it in oil.
  8.  Serve it directly or with rice.


  •  Red chilli powder can be added as per your requirement of spicy taste.
  •  Make sure to select tender Chinese okra.
  •  Finely chopped curry leaves can be added.
  •  Instead of frying on the spot the fryums batter can dried in sun by drying them on a plastic sheet in desired shapes. And that sun dried fryums can be fried and consumed.
  • Add coriander to make it more tasty.