The best home available handy anti-oxidant is turmeric that's daily used in kitchen cooking chores etc. Turmeric also acts as an antiseptic and has skin brightening properties. To remove tan on the face or any part of the body and also treat blemishes turmeric works the best.
Since most of the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen handy, you can do it yourself (DIY) face masks, facial for healthy skin. Always make sure to patch test before you apply any DIY masks to your face.
Snacks are small bites to fill the hunger cravings before and after meals. A few snacks easily available on CARTLY include potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, ready-to-eat popcorn, extruded snacks, pretzels, snack nuts, meat snacks, party mix, multigrain chips, granola products, biscuits, wafers, masala products, and variety packs. 
Pour a dab of honeyon a cut before covering it with a bandage. Honey has powerful anti-bacterial properties. One New Zealand study found that honey was capable of destroying almost all strains of the most common wound-infecting bacteria. Another equally good option, turmeric
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